Best Golf Balls for Amateurs & Average Golfers – Reviews 2019

Finding the right golf ball can create a massive improvement in your golf play. So, before you make any purchase consider two factors: where you need to make improvement and your skill levels. Skilled players may opt for the high flying ball with faster swing speeds while amateurs might find balls with lower swing speeds an excellent option.

Golf ball technology is fast advancing. The market offers numerous kinds of balls. The more recent ball performs better than the balls made before. For a player, especially beginners, it might be challenging to sample out the best ball among the sea of such balls. That is why this simple guide will expose to the best golf ball for amateurs or average players.

Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack)

If you are a golf player and you are seeking to buy an all-around ball, do not hesitates to purchase the Wilson Titanium Ball. Termed as a ball for all levels, the balls boast of maximum energy transfer, and they are built to last. All these are attributed to the build of the ball, i.e., a strong titanium core.

The core is built of finely powdered explosive titanium to make the core material a cohesive unit. This is what gives the ball a solid feel. Because of this titanium, the ball will produce a click sound on impact with the club.

Beginners will most likely want to hit their balls straight right ahead of them whenever they take a shot. This ball delivers just that hence categorized as one of the best amateur golf balls.

The balls come with higher precision because they are basically created to reduce spinning sideways. This implies that you’ll have long and straight drives. Note that side spins exaggerate slices and hooks.Learners find these balls very friendly.

Its cover further enhances the durability of the Wilson Titanium Ball. It features the Surlyn covers, which are considered the most durable covers. Apart from strength, these covers are efficient in offering alower spin off the tee.


  • Sturdy construction; featuring titanium core that makes cohesive and tough
  • Durable and long lasting surlyn covers
  • Excellent for straight as well as long distant shots
  • Has maximum energy transfer
  • Excellent for golfers of all levels
  • Minimizes slices and hook spins
  • Beginners can use it to improve their skills
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • None reported

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Titleist Pro V1 packs excellent features that make it a high performing ball for golfers. First, the balls are famed for their extraordinary ability to travel longer distances with consistency, though they are not termed as full-fledged distance balls. Golfers having sufficient swing speeds will quickly notice some differences in the length of their tee shot as compared to others.

The balls come with a softer surface. Such a cover gives you better confidence to execute your greenside control. The design of the ball allows a first-rate short game control, and at the same time allowing sufficient driving lengths as compared to the distance-oriented balls. The balls respond superbly whether it is a chip, touch thin check or a bunker shot.

These balls are also great at spins. They provide very low but long spins that sit on the green after a large hoop, in response to a solid shot of any kind. The spin comes with a penetrating trajectory making the ball a better performer on windy days or firmer fairways.

If you are seeking the best golf ball for an average golfer you can use the Titleist Pro V1. Low-handicap amateurs, as well as professional golfers, can comfortably use these balls.

Thanks to its Urethane elastomer cover the ball has a softer feel, which makes the balls have greater control.


  • Cover an exceptional distance
  • Their consistency is the gold standard
  • They have a soft feel conferring flexibility giving you confidence for your short game control
  • The balls are quiet thanks to their softness


  • Highly Priced
  • Designed for high-level amateurs and pros

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX Golf Balls

golf ball

The most outstanding feature of this ball is its visibly yellow color. The ball features a yellow optic cover to enhance its visibility during play. Besides, the ball is packed with dimples to increase the lift while reducing the aerodynamic drag.

This superb ball is built for swing speeds that come below 105mph. It is so because the ball features a newer form of a core that is softer than the standard ball. Such features make the ball to have a lesser spin and more length in long games. Besides, the core is responsible for more distance. However, Bridgestone Tour B330-RX has a bit much more spin on the green side.

The new thing about this ball is that the transition between the inner softer core and outer firmer core is unique. The manufacturers added water– HydroCore.

To further reduce the spin, the ball comes with a 20 percent thinner Urethane cover to ensure that the ball remains firmly on the tee as well as maintaining its tour level control around the green. And, to reduce the backspin and increase distance and accuracy, the ball packs an excellently crafted, a little firmer mantle layer. I bet it stands out as one of the best golf balls for amateur golfers.

You might just fall in love with the cover of this ball. The cover is much more durable and resilient enough to withstand numerous impacts. You can scuff the balls also, with an aggressive wedge groove.


  • Above average ball stability
  • Higher ball speed
  • Highly visible
  • Great feel
  • Well priced
  • Solid distance


  • Relatively flat on the wedge side


Playing golf is very exciting. To completely be immersed in the game, you’ll need to have the right set of equipment. Each time you are in the game, your primary intention is to improve on your skills. Even the experts in the game will want to fine-tune the little places where they do not perform well.

That said a better ball would give you the right training. Apart from considering the priceand distance traveled. It should be your primary focus to look at theaccuracy and stability of the ball. All these features point at the technology used to build the balls.

Your intentions might be to shoot straight or achiever the farthest distance ever. All this is packed in a golf ball. So, the above review highlights the few best golf balls for average golfer and amateurs. But, there is something for each of the players.

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